Would you like to make a donation or your weekly tithe?

Thank you.

Here are four different ways to make your weekly tithe:

1) Mail your check to St. Paul’s, 21 Centre Street, Concord, NH 03301

2) Drop off checks/cash at St. Paul’s A secure dropbox has been installed at the Centre Street entrance.

3) Give via a credit or debit card in your internet browser by clicking here.

4) Give via a credit or debit card on your phone using the reputable service Tithe.ly: simply text “give” to (603) 786-7126 and you will be prompted to enter an amount of your choice and your debit/credit card number. There will also be a link on our website. (Note: If you’ve given this manner before and allowed Tithe.ly to save your credit card, you will get a message back asking you to just specify an amount.)