Worship & Fellowship Links

This page offers an overview of our current worship and fellowship offerings. Links to specific offerings can also be found using the “Worship & Fellowship Links” dropdown menu above.

Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer services will be posted daily Monday through Saturday here. These services are about 25 minutes long and include the Daily Office readings.

Sunday Morning Worship
A recorded Sunday Morning worship service is posted here by 6:00 am each week. These services include hymns and musical pieces, a sermon, Prayers of the People, and the Prayer for Spiritual Communion. One of our two deacons read the Gospel and fellow parishioners serve as lectors. On certain weeks we are treated to a visit by the Quarantine Quire: St. Paul’s Virtual Choir or a postlude illustrated by the photos submitted by parishioners.


Ageless Worship
Ageless Worship services are posted the first Sunday of every month. These services are slightly shorter and include a child-friendly sermon. Ageless Worship services are posted within our general Sunday Morning Worship page, as well as on our Ageless Worship page.


Coffee Hour Gathering
Visit with your St. Paul’s family during our live Coffee Hour on Zoom! Fun and interesting conversation prompts allow us to stay in touch and also to learn something new about each other. Information about how to join this weekly gathering can be found here.


(Live) Simple Saturday Service
Saturdays at 4:30 pm Enjoy the faces and voices of your St. Paul’s family during this live Saturday service via Zoom. We will worship using a variety of liturgical styles. The necessary link and the order of service can be found here.


Choir Gatherings
Mondays from 7:00 pm-7:30 pm
Our Director of Music Ministries, Heather, is hosting an online gathering for Choir members who’d like to check in with each other and see some familiar faces! These meet ups will take place weekly on Mondays from 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm via the free video conference call service Zoom. The meeting can be accessed by clicking here.


Small Groups, EfM, and Other Formation Opportunities
During the pandemic, small groups are an ideal way to stay in touch with fellow parishioners and continue the lifelong journey of spiritual growth. Information can be bound here.


Worship Music
Our worship music collection, including pieces by our Quarantine Quire: St. Paul’s Virtual Choir, as well as postludes illustrated by the photography of St. Paul’s parishioners, can be found here.

All past sermons can be found within Sunday Worship services here. Going forward, videos of just sermons will be found <here>.