Sunday Worship

During Advent, St. Paul’s will be using: A Sacred Meal for a Dispersed Community”
from the ECNH:
“A Sacred Meal for a Dispersed Community” is a liturgy available for use in the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire during Advent 2020. The liturgy is based on the Agape Meal for Maundy Thursday and acknowledges a connection with the Jewish shabbat tradition of a Friday night ceremonial meal usually celebrated in the home, remembering the dispersal of the Jewish people and God’s provision in exile.

We invite you to have a piece of bread and/or wine/grape juice on hand at the start of the service.

This Sunday: November 29th, 2020

The order of worship is posted here.

The video will be available here from 6:00 am onwards.

Also: Sunday Morning Worship with Bishop Rob
Bishop Rob will be leading a diocesan Advent worship service on Sundays at 9:30 am. This service will also use “A Sacred Meal for a Dispersed Community.” Links and the order of service for these services can be found here on the diocesan worship page.

Sunday worship services dating back to the start of the pandemic can be found on our YouTube channel here.