Prayer Life at St. Paul’s

Confidential Prayer List

A confidential prayer list circulated amongst clergy and our core Prayer Team. 

Prayers of the People/Parish List

Prayers during our Saturday and Sunday worship services, using liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer to pray for our world, our nation, and our neighbors. Includes 10 different parish families each week as we cycle through the St. Paul’s directory. 

Weekly Prayers & Thanksgivings

A new addition to our prayer life is “Weekly Prayers and Thanksgivings.” This the ideal place to share news or concerns publicly with the congregation and to ask for their prayers. This enables parishioners to prayerfully be involved in each other’s weekly lives.  Names submitted to will be published in the weekly Friday Update email. Names will remain on the list for one week. 

(Fictional) Examples: 
This week we pray…

  • In Thanksgiving for Lorna’s grandson Jimmy’s acceptance to Northwestern University
  • For healing for Martha’s husband Ted’s gout
  • For God’s comforting presence in Bernard’s life as he changes jobs

Please note: Due to privacy concerns, parishioners may only submit their own names or the names of close family members. If you submit a name that is not from your family, the office will try their best to receive consent from that person, but if not, we will not share publicly.