Sunday In-Person Worship

We are delighted that in-person indoor Sunday worship resumed June 27, 2021.

8:00 am: Service of Holy Eucharist (no music)
10:00 am: Service of Holy Eucharist (music and singing)

In an effort to protect children under twelve and others who are at risk, masks are required in the building regardless of vaccination status. We fully support an individual’s decision to wear a mask for any reason.

Passing the Peace
If you do not wish to make physical contact during the Passing of the Peace, please place your hands together in front of your chest (the “namaste” symbol”). 

Holy Eucharist 
We will not be kneeling to receive Communion.
Foot traffic at the altar will be one-way. Please follow ushers’ instructions. 

Social Time
All are welcome to gather outdoors for social time after each of the services.
At this time, refreshments will not be served.