Continuing to Serve

Read about how you can join the members of St. Paul’s Church
in continuing to serve our congregation and the local community during the pandemic!

Sustaining Earth, Our Island Home: Parishioners continue to lower their environmental impact by using this carbon tracker from The Episcopal Church. If you have questions or want to know more about our quarterly meet ups about creation care, email Deb Baker or

Thanksgiving Baskets: Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners, we were able to provide our regular Food Pantry clients with a full Thanksgiving meal.

Giving Tree Ministry: Parishioners and community members are supporting this annual ministry which helps provide gifts for the children of our regular Food Pantry clients.

Cold Weather Clothing Drive:
Donated coats and handmade hats, scarves, and, mittens are distributed to community members who are in need of warm clothing.

Quarantine Quire: St. Paul’s Virtual Choir: Quire members record video of themselves singing at home, after Heather and Larry’s sound engineering, the voices are layered so it sounds like the choir is in one room, singing together.  Videos found here. If you’d like to join the Quire, please email Heather.

Food Pantry: Thanks to the dedication of our Food Pantry team, a physically-distanced system is in place so that we can safely continue to serve those in need. More information here. If you are interested in working in the food pantry, please email the office and we’ll connect you.

Check-In Team: A faithful team of parishioners continues to regularly check in with fellow parishioners who are isolated or homebound. If you’d like to help make phone calls, please contact the office.

Vestry: St. Paul’s governing body have been meeting via Zoom since the early days of the pandemic, helping to chart a course for the parish during these challenging times.

Caring Cards: Parishioners of all ages are spreading joy via good old fashioned mail. Blank cards and pre-addressed envelopes are distributed so that members can send a friendly note to fellow parishioners, whether they know them well or not! If you’d like to participate, please email the office.

Postlude Photo Montages: Parishioners have been submitting themed photographs to illustrate certain Sunday worship postludes. Themes have included “Masks a symbol of love” and “Children of the Heavenly Father.” Found here. Photo requests are posted in our Friday Update.

Prayer Team: One of the ways we hold our loved ones and our community in prayer is the Prayer Team, a group of lay ministers who faithfully pray daily for all the names on the Prayer List – a confidential list of of submitted names, often people who are ill, grieving, or going through a difficult time. 

Morning Prayer: Clergy and lay members take turns leading our daily Morning Prayer service and serving as lectors. If you are interested in doing a reading, please email the office.

Lighting Retrofit Project: A team of parishioners, clergy, and staff have procured funding (a grant and a no-interest loan through Unitil), as well as organize the logistics of, our Lighting Retrofit project, which is replacing overhead lights around the building with more energy-efficient models.

Paper Newsletter: A paper newsletter is being snail-mailed out periodically to parishioners who do not use email or computers. “News from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church: Mid-Summer Edition” synthesized news from our Friday Email Update, as well as a Gospel reading and reflection questions. If you know of someone who would like to receive this paper newsletter, please email the office.

Small Group Pastoral Care: Small group members gather for fellowship and spiritual growth formation – but also to take care of one another. Group members encourage and check in on each other during this isolating time. More information about small groups can be found here.

EfM Groups: EfM group mentors have also been leading our three groups virtually, continuing their members’ formation and maintaining an important sense of community in the group. More information about EfM can be found here.

Mask Makers: Many parishioners have been sewing masks for others in the community, including hospitals and individuals. Concord Hospital has posted about their need for masks here.

Technology Tutor: One of our parishioners, Kathryn, has been especially generous with her time, helping others learn to use Zoom so that they can join live worship and fellowship gatherings. If you need help with connecting via technology, please email the office and we’ll connect you.

Gardening Ministry: Our “lay weeder” team has done a beautiful job maintaining our grounds and Memorial Gardens, enjoyed by parishioners and downtown visitors alike. If you’d like to join the team, please email the office and we’ll connect you.

Office Lay Ministers: We have several lay ministers who have taken their usual office work home with them! They are generously staying on top of thank you notes, parish list prayer names, etc.

Comfort Food Ministry: Our comfort food ministers have provided dozens of meals for those enduring difficult circumstances – a grieving family and our curate’s two week quarantine, for example. If you’d like to receive sign-up emails, please email the office.

Emergency Preparedness Committee: Our Emergency Preparedness Committee works to prepare the church for emergencies of all kinds, and recently has been focused on all the steps that need to be in place before we could move forward with in-person gatherings.

Ministry of Presence: A team of parishioners dedicated to meeting specific pastoral needs of parishioners who are homebound or grieving.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: Our team of knitters and crocheters prayerfully create cozy shawls and blankets for those who have a new baby, are ill, or are in need of some extra comfort during a difficult time. If you’re interested in joining the team, email us and we’ll connect you.