Clergy, Staff & Vestry

The staff team at St. Paul’s is made up of a full-time Rector (the Priest in charge of the parish) and Curate (a clergy member who is continuing his formation as Priest by serving an “internship” in this parish), a part-time Associate Priest, a Deacon (an ordained, non-stipendiary minister who is assigned by the Bishop and works primarily outside of the parish in the community), a Parish Administrator (a full-time staff member responsible for the day-to-day and business-related functions of the parish) a Sexton (a full-time staff member charged with the care of the building and grounds and maintenance of the parish calendar, including use of the building by outside groups), a part-time Director of Music Ministries and a Communications Coordinator. Contact information and photos can be found in our Clergy & Staff Directory.

St. Paul’s Vestry is made up of 13 church members elected to represent the parish when making decisions about the management, ministry and mission of St. Paul’s.  Vestry members are elected at the annual parish meeting. Within the vestry, a senior warden, junior warden, treasurer, and clerk hold leadership positions. Minutes from our monthly vestry meetings and agendas for upcoming meetings can be found here.

Below is a photo directory of our clergy, staff and vestry members.

(A directory of the parishioners of St. Paul’s can be found HERE. Parishioners may contact the office to request the password.)


Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire

The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld


Rector of St. Paul’s

The Rev. Kate Atkinson

image001 8.24.22 AM


The Rev. Peggy Schnack



Brother Charles Edward OLW

Untitled design (6)


The Rev. Mike Andres


Priest Associate

The Rev. Cheryl Moore

Chris Rawson (2)

Parish Administrator

Chris Rawson



Andy Brundrett


Director of Music Ministries (part-time)

Heather Maconaghy

Kelly (2)

 Communications Coordinator (part-time)

Kelly Kennerson

Jan Greer-Carney

Senior Warden

Jan Greer-Carney


Junior Warden

Tamar Roberts

Dave Cawley


Dave Cawley



Jerry Tepe

Inge Eddy photo

Vestry Member

Inge Eddy

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 11.47.26 AM

Vestry Member &

Vestry Delegate to Convention

Kate Ess

Screenshot (30)

Vestry Member

Matt Hunter

Cindy White photo

Vestry Member

Cindy White

Jim Barker-DSC_1839

Vestry Member

Jim Barker

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 1.10.24 PM

Vestry Member

David Preece

Kathy Whitehead.JPG

Vestry Member

Kathy Whitehead

Vestry Member

Russ Ingraham

Allwynne Fine portrait (2)

Vestry Member

Allwynne Fine

Linda Douglas

Delegate to Diocesan Convention

Linda Douglas

Barbara Collins photo

Alternate Delegate to Diocesan Convention

Barbara Collins

Bob Samson

Delegate to Diocesan Convention

Bob Samson
Michael Sauve

Delegate to Diocesan Convention

Michael Sauve