Christmas Eve Hymn Sing and 8:00 pm Worship Service

7:30 pm Hymn Sing Streamed Live
8:00 pm Christmas Eve Worship Service Streamed Live
Please join us shortly before 7:30 pm, as the hymn sing is streamed live. Enjoy all your favorite Christmas hymns produced by St. Paul’s Music Ministry (lyrics provided on screen). You are invited to say hello in the live chat on the right side of the screen.  

Immediately following the hymn sing, our Christmas Eve worship service will be streamed live. The service includes beautiful worship music that includes Artful Noise String Quartet, guest soloist Peggo, as well as traditional Christmas hymns, sermon, and a shared, sacred meal. We invite you to have bread and wine, juice, or water on hand. Please say hello in the live chat, as well as offer prayer requests. 

To join the worship service as it streams live and we say hello in the live chat feature: Click here.

Order of Service: Click here.

(If you’re having trouble with that link or you prefer not to see the live chat, you can also view the service by itself here.)