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Hello St. Paul’s Youth!

We are going ROGUE from traditional youth group! 

-Priorities: service, connection, discussion, gratitude, and fun. We will be flexible and open to change as needed to meet your needs within the chaos created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

-“Churchy” stuff: activities & discussion will organically tie back to the lives you are living as well as to faith & scripture. There is NO set curriculum.

We came up with some great activity and discussion ideas at the first Youth Group meeting! You are always welcome at any or all youth activities. All in person activities will strictly adhere to guidelines concerning health and safety.

Activity Suggestions

  • Take a walk or go to a community space and clean up litter
  • Stain & assemble small wooden crosses for Advent Sacred Spaces Kits for members of the congregation. It isn’t a difficult project and it should be fun!
  •   Become one-on-one snail mail pen-friends with someone living in a care facility who is lonely and isolated
  •   Play games online or potentially in person
  •   Go for a hike
  •   Write a group snail mail story
  •   Draw a group snail mail picture
  •   Do a creative project together either spread out in a park or virtually. (Materials easily accessible or provided)
  •   Sled, skate, snowshoe, snowball fights, snow sculptures
  •   Shovel driveways/sidewalks for those who can’t do it       themselves, or as a nice surprise for anyone 

Suggestions for discussion and learning are Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ issues, and being a youth in the time of social media. I would like to invite guest speakers who are personally impacted by or live within BLM and LGBTQ+ communities to help with these discussions. There is potential to do an in depth, youth-specific, Dismantling Racism program. 

First Activities

-Stain and assemble the small wooden crosses

-Take a litter pickup walk before the snow flies 


Interested? email me or call 603-224-2523 x13 to leave me a voicemail so we can make a plan!

Do any of these ideas spark your interest more than others? Youth Group is mostly about what you, the youth, want and need, so do you have questions or suggestions of other activities or topics for discussion? Email me

I strive for youth activities to be a place where all youth can feel safe to be themselves as they discover who they are in themselves and in the global community. Youth are not required to have any particular church background and are encouraged to develop their beliefs through exploration and curiosity about faith and the world we live in.

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