Current Happenings

Below are some current and upcoming events. Click on the “Children/Youth/YA” drop-down menu above to learn more about: our new curate, Rev. Peggy; Ageless Worship Services; Hula Hoop Youth Group (grades 6-12); and our Young Adult Group (ages 18-25).

Prayer Line and Prayer Fence
Come together in prayer while we are still apart! We are inviting members of St. Paul’s and the community around us to stop by and write a prayer on a strip of cloth. The prayer can then be tied to either a line between two trees by the parking lot on Centre Street or to the fence along State Street. Cloth strips and markers will be provided at both locations. We also invite you to read and pray the prayers that others have shared.

Driveway Meetings!
I know there has not been anything offered for kids and youth for a while, but I am working on getting things going. Meeting families with kids and youth in the time of COVID isn’t easy to figure out, but I think I have a plan. As long as the weather holds, I would like to make appointments for driveway meetings so that you can get to know me and I can get to know you. I invite families with preschool through high school aged children to contact me to set up a time for me to bring a chair over and sit in the driveway, yard, sidewalk, or other open outdoor space near your home and chat. I can’t wait to meet the great young people of St. Paul’s and their parents! Peggy + 

Birthday Postcards!
I’m planning on sending birthday postcards to the children, youth, and young adults in the St. Paul’s community. I have birthdates for some kids and young people, but not all. If you have a child 0-25 years old, or if you are the one who is in that age range, I’d love to hear from you! Please email me the name, date of birth including year, and address of the young people so I make sure I don’t miss anyone! If you’d like to include a little bit about your child, I’d love to get to know them. Peggy +

Pop-Up Rock Painting outside St. Paul’s!
Be on the lookout for dates and times for drop in rock painting outside the church! Rock painting is a fun way to create a colorful picture and/or inspiring word that can be placed on the church grounds, around town, or given away to a friend or stranger! Rocks, acrylic paint markers, a table, and a shady spot will be provided. The activity is open to the public and will be monitored to ensure supplies are sanitized and that proper distancing is maintained. Sign up is not required or requested.

Create mosaic Beatitudes posters together, apart!
We have three posters of the Beatitudes from Illustrated Ministry and you are needed to make them a work of St. Paul’s community artwork!  Yes, that includes you, the one who just said to themselves (or out loud) that they don’t color and don’t even own anything more colorful than a ballpoint pen. ☺ Each poster has 20 pieces that are printed on individual sheets of paper. When colored and then put together, they will have the scribbling of toddlers, the details of artists, and everything in between done in crayon, marker, colored pencil, or paint, together in BEAUTIFUL works of art!
These posters are a wonderful opportunity to create together at a time when we are longing to be together in person. Anyone and everyone can sign up to participate. You do NOT have to be an artist, color coordinated, creative, or a little kid. Basically, if you are old enough to hold a crayon in any way, we would love for you to participate!  To join in the fun:
Email with “Coloring!’ in the subject line.