Morning Prayer

Thank you for joining us for Morning Prayer! Videos are posted daily, Monday through Saturday. Links will become active the day of.

Sunday worship services can be found here.

If you would like to follow along in your Book of Common Prayer*, we will be using Daily Morning Prayer, Rite II, which starts on page 75.
*(Click on “The Daily Office” then “Daily Morning Prayer, Rite II.”)


*We are taking a one day Morning Prayer sabbath on Tuesday, August 25th. We invite you to do Tuesday’s Morning Prayer and/or lectionary readings using the links below. We will begin posting videos again on Wednesday, August 26th. Thanks for your understanding!
Psalms 5 & 6
Acts 9:32-43
John 6:60-71
Book of Common Prayer: Morning Prayer, Rite II  (click “The Daily Office”, then “Daily Morning Prayer, Rite II”)


Please note: All previous Morning Prayer and Sunday worship videos, starting in March 2020, can be found here on our YouTube Channel.