SAFE Church Policy Print

The Diocese of New Hampshire requires that all individuals who serve as clergy, wardens, lay employees, Eucharistic visitors, pastoral visitors, Stephen ministers, EfM mentors, volunteers with children or youth, nursery workers (and other positions as may be deemed in need by the church/vestry), complete SAFE Church training.  This is done so that we all may work together to allow our churches to be places that are safe from harm for all of our members – with special attention paid to those young and old who may be the most vulnerable to abuse or exploitation.

More information, including the Diocesan SAFE Church policy, may be found on the New Hampshire diocesan website –  Look under the header FOR CONGREGATIONS, and click on the link to the SAFE Church Policy and Procedures.

The Diocesan SAFE Church policy is also posted on the bulletin board outside of the workroom in the office area of St. Paul’s, as well as on the bulletin board in the Sunday school classroom hallway. To obtain a printed copy of the policy, to ask any additional questions, or to sign up for SAFE Church training, please contact St. Paul’s SAFE Church minister through the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. putting SAFE Church in the memo line.