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In gratitude for God's timeless gift of new life and new hope, I/we offer this gift to St. Paul's Church in support of our ministries.

I/we pledge the following amount to be paid as indicated during 2018:

$520 for the year
$780 for the year
$1040 for the year

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Please check I/we have made this pledge in good faith in support of St. Paul’s Church.
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You will be sent a letter confirming your pledge, and a statement in January 2019 for your tax purposes.

Thank you for your generous support of the life and ministry of St. Paul’s.

Why and how do I pledge?

Pledging is a spiritual practice and we are all stewards. Led by the Holy Spirit, we can make purposeful and sincere promises about how to best use God’s gifts in support of the work and ministry of the Church. St. Paul’s has no membership fees or dues; instead we ask our parishioners to take part in the important, voluntary practice of pledging.

You are encouraged to pledge gratefully, generously, and from the heart – to give as God calls you to give, knowing that you are both supporting those ministries that have made such an important difference to your life, and helping others’ lives to be transformed, too.

How much do I pledge?

If this is your first pledge, it is important that you pick an amount that you can comfortably pay. We ask new pledgers to consider giving a minimum of $10 per week (or $520 per year) to help us build a strong foundation of financial support. If you are already pledging, we encourage you to try to increase the percentage of your income as well as the dollar amount.