St. Paul's relies on the generosity of our members and friends, to ensure that we continue to offer the best possible programs, ministries and outreach.

This year, our stewardship theme celebrates God's timeless Resurrection gift - New Life and New Hope. For the past 200 years, St. Paul’s has been a source of new life and new hope for thousands of people, thanks to the support and participation of people like you.  Those central elements of our ministry are expressed in many wonderful ways - through our Food Pantry and Clothing Bank, our hospitality to homeless families, our joyous worship and inspiring programs of spiritual formation, our extraordinary music and our commitment to pastoral care, to name only a few!

This year we are encouraging all our members and friends to make a pledge, if you haven't done so before, or to increase your existing pledge as generously as you can. It is our goal to achieve a balanced budget so that we can ensure that the ministry and mission of St. Paul's continues to make a real difference in our community and the world.

It is vital that we build a strong foundation of giving in support of our parish in 2018 and beyond.  Thank you so much for being a part of our community of pledgers!

For information about stewardship and pledging you can read a letter of encouragement from the Rector and Senior Warden of St. Paul's. Please fill out our online pledge certificate, or print a pledge certificate for use in making your own commitment to support the life and ministry of our parish in 2018.


Letter of encouragement from the Rector and Senior Warden of St. Paul's

Online pledge certificate

Printable pledge certificate



Before the fire of 1984, St. Paul’s east transept housed a small worship space known as All Saint's Chapel. The focal point of that chapel was the Resurrection Window, installed in 1936 in memory of a former parishioner, Jessie Gove (Pearson) Killeen.

This beautiful window never failed to catch the eye – with its jewel-like colors and artistic composition. The Risen Christ is at the center with Mary on his right and John the Evangelist on his left. At his feet is the angel of the Resurrection and, below that, depictions of the three Marys, the empty tomb, Peter and John. At the top are three quatrefoils depicting the symbols of the evangelists Mark and John, and an angel of praise.

In honor of St. Paul’s Bicentennial this historic window has been “resurrected” in the form of a window transfer, made from a photograph taken by The Rev. Dr. Allan H. Munroe, Assistant Rector of St. Paul’s from 1975-1984. This design, 7th in our series of St. Paul’s windows, was made by Peter Kowal of IconArt, UK.

These transfers, donated by a St. Paul’s family, are a special gift for our members and friends.  They illustrate this year’s pledge campaign theme – reminding us that our remarkable parish is inspired daily by God’s timeless gift of new life and new hope.