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Your gift in support of the Mission with Jamaica will help pay for tuition, uniforms, meals, books and other supplies for students at Chantilly’s Basic School.  It will also help provide medicines and other medical supplies for the clinics offered by our mission teams.

The generous support of friends of the Mission with Jamaica touches lives and brings health, education, and hope to the people of Chantilly.

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Mission with Jamaica unites the people of New Hampshire with citizens of Chantilly, Jamaica. Our purpose is to promote the education of the children of Chantilly and to improve the health of the citizens of Chantilly, especially the children and elderly.

This relationship is based on mutual respect, shared goals and the desire to encourage and challenge each other to fulfill our mission. We recognize that we have the talent and resources to give to this small community and that we benefit enormously from the wisdom and spiritual devotion of the people of Chantilly.

This is a mission that provides real results, opportunities for learning, and spiritual growth. There has been a mission trip nearly every year since the partnership first began between St. Paul's and Chantilly, with teams from New Hampshire providing basic health and dental care, education, friendship, fellowship and practical assistance.  Through these trips, participants of all ages have gained leadership skills and confidence, while the youth of Chantilly have experienced growth, hope and an understanding of a bigger world.

Some practical projects the mission teams have helped with include: building a playground and soccer field, painting the interior of St. Stephen’s Church, and building new bathrooms for the primary school.

St. Paul’s parishioners and friends help fund and staff mission trips and sponsor preschool children’s tuition, uniforms and lunches.  They have also provided medicines, glasses, and school supplies. Local physicians, nurses, dental hygienists, PA’s and educators donate talent and time. Chantilly citizens carry on community work and continue to teach and enrich us.

Children ages 3, 4 and 5 attend the preschool in Chantilly.  Parents are required to buy the child’s uniform and pay some of the tuition. This small requirement is difficult. Most have no income, no electricity and live off the land. Teachers work for low pay - or even no pay when the money runs out. Through Mission with Jamaica sponsorship, tuition and lunch have been provided to every child, every year, since our mission began in 1996.

In July 2011, a group of St. Paul's youth and leaders traveled to Jamaica to provide a week-long Vacation Bible School for the children of Chantilly.  Click here for a letter from one of the adult leaders, describing the experience.

On April 3, 2016, the Concord Monitor published a feature article on St. Paul's Mission with Jamaica. Read it HERE.

For more information, send an email to Ministry at St. Paul's with "Jamaica" in the subject line.