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On a regular basis, our church works to examine itself and its work.  A part of this process is the Mutual Ministry Review.  The Diocesan website describes the purpose of a Mutual Ministry Review (MMR) as follows:

  • To celebrate what is going well and to identify what needs attention/change;
  • To give clear and reliable feedback; to speak the truth in love;
  • To identify lay and priestly leadership development needs;
  • To minimize unrealistic expectations;
  • To renew/establish goals and priorities for the next period of time;
  • To deepen rector/vestry relationships and enhance communications for building up the Body.

In early 2015, our parish conducted a survey during church, to assess where we are on our journey as a parish, and how we are called to move forward together.

Using the results of the survey, the Vestry worked on their annual retreat to establish a plan to move our church from a clergy-centered "pastoral" model to a program model church, with greater responsibility placed upon lay persons, both staff and volunteers.  This information was first presented to the parish by our senior warden, Casper Kranenburg on April 26th, 2015.  That report with clear explanations of this decision-making process may be seen here.

As we move further along in this process, the church will be working to identify new volunteers, as well as new opportunities for those who are already volunteering.  If you are interested in becoming more involved with St. Paul's, or would like more information about the various groups that are a part of our ministry teams, please speak with a member of the clergy, a Vestry member, or contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at St. Paul’s.