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Ministry of Presence

Ministry of Presence is St. Paul's unique approach to comprehensive pastoral care for parishioners. Through our ministry of presence we are providing care by being present to the care receiver -- as well as living out our essential belief that God is always present in the lives of those who are suffering.

Initiated in fall 2009, Ministry of Presence recognizes that pastoral care in the parish consists of many related types of caregiving which can best be provided in a coordinated and spiritually grounded effort. The goals of this group of ministries are:

  • To provide the best pastoral care possible to St. Paul's parishioners;
  • To ensure that all in need of care receive appropriate care on a timely basis;
  • To equip all Ministers of Presence with the skills and perspectives needed to provide care;
  • To provide spiritual practice in support of these ministries.

Membership consists of all who provide pastoral care in its many forms: Eucharistic Visitors, Stephen Ministers, the Prayer Group, the Flower Ministry, Deacons and other regular visitors to retirement communities, nursing homes, hospitals and parishioners who are homebound.

Ministers of Presence meet as a group on a monthly basis, for prayer and spiritual development exercises, training and skill enhancement, coordination of care responsibilities and mutual support and encouragement. The group encourages all who feel they are called to provide pastoral care to explore that calling by joining them each month.

For more information, please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pastoral Offices

These are the milestones in the lives of our members -- the welcoming of a new child of God into the church family; the decision of a teenager or adult to confirm their choice of the Episcopal faith tradition; the uniting and blessing of two people who have chosen one another as life partners; and the final celebration of the life of those we have loved and lost.

The clergy and staff of St. Paul's are committed to making these occasions the best they can be for all who take part. For more information about baptisms, confirmation, marriage and funerals, contact the church office.